Ask Your Doctor

If you have been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and have not been successful in controlling your blood sugar levels with anti-diabetic medications, ask your doctor about gastric stimulation or the DIAMOND (TANTALUS) system. You may print this page and bring it to your next appointment:

Gastric stimulation is an innovative method for treating Type 2 Diabetes, using a laparoscopic implanted device called the DIAMOND (TANTALUS). The DIAMOND (TANTALUS) system automatically identifies when a meal is being consumed and delivers gentle, non-pacing electrical pulses to the stomach wall.

Clinical trials have shown that treatment with the DIAMOND (TANTALUS) system is safe and enhances the body’s response to food intake, leading to a reduction in glucose levels, often accompanied by weight loss, normalization of blood pressure and improvement of liver enzyme profiles.

The DIAMOND (TANTALUS) system is CE approved since 2007 and is marketed commercially in Europe. For more information please visit