Alternative to Insulin?

Oral medications in the form of combinations of antihyperglycemic agents are common treatment for Type 2 Diabetes. But while these agents are initially effective in controlling hyperglycemia, they lose their effect as the disease progresses. Once these oral medications fail to maintain target blood sugar levels, insulin is usually the next option.

Over the past decade insulin treatment of Type 2 Diabetes has managed to generate controversies in the medical community. While insulin treatment is beneficial in controlling blood sugar levels in the short-term, in the longer-term it causes weight-gain, which in turn worsens insulin resistance, increases blood pressure, and causes adverse lipid profiles. In addition, diabetics receiving insulin treatment are subject to daily injections, and require close monitoring of blood glucose levels to avoid hypoglycemia, a dangerous condition in which blood glucose levels are too low as a result of insulin treatment, which could lead to fainting.

The DIAMOND System,  a new interventional diabetology treatment for type 2 diabetes, could be an alternative to insulin for some patients. The Diamond System is a medical device, implanted in a one-time laparoscopic procedure, after which you can return to your normal routine in just a few days. The device does not put you at risk for hypoglycemia and helps you to control your blood sugar levels, without the need of adding medications, like insulin. The  Diamond System implant procedure does not alter your physiology, and is therefore completely reversible, allowing the device can be turned off or removed at any point.

The DIAMOND System has already been implanted in over 200 patients to date, and has demonstrated safety and efficacy in controlling blood sugar levels in multiple clinical trials.