What is the DIAMOND System?

DIAMOND stands for Diabetes Improvement And Metabolic Normalization Device.

The DIAMOND (TANTALUS)  System is an advanced minimally invasive implantable electrical stimulator used to apply gastric stimulation. It works by enhancing the activity of your gastric muscles only when you eat, which modifies hormone secretion, favorably affecting glucose and fat metabolism. At the same time, the stimulation causes you to feel full sooner and consume less food. The result is an improvement in blood glucose levels, which is often accompanied by weight loss, and reduction of blood pressure, waist circumference and blood lipid level. The DIAMOND System is connected by small electrodes to your stomach. It uses them to automatically sense when you are eating, and to send gentle signals to your stomach muscles (and through them to your brain) which enhance your normal satiety feeling. The DIAMOND System does all this on its own, and you will probably not even feel it working. The rate of the stimulation is dictated by the patient’s natural gastric activity, this makes treatment using the DIAMOND System personalized to each patient’s specific eating habits and physiology, without causing anatomical changes, and without hassle to the patient.

The DIAMOND System helps your body consume less food and consequently helps you to better control your blood glucose levels.

The DIAMOND Implantable Pulse Generator (IPG) unit senses gastric activity, and delivers gentle electric signals via electrodes that are attached to the stomach. The IPG and electrodes are implanted in a minimally invasive laparoscopic surgical procedure which can be performed in an outpatient setting.

Over 200 patients have been implanted with the DIAMOND System to date, many of them for over two years, and many for over four years. The DIAMOND System has been shown to significantly reduce blood glucose levels and blood pressure levels. The treatment has also been shown to lead to an average weight reduction of 4-5 Kg.

Charger system. Using a wireless home-based charger system the patient can recharge the DIAMOND System’s IPG unit simply by placing it over the abdomen for 45 minutes, once a week. Charging the device assures it has enough energy to provide treatment for years, and minimizes the need for battery replacement.


Programmer System. The portable programmer allows medical personnel to adjust the DIAMOND System’s signal parameters according to individual patient needs.

The DIAMOND System is CE cleared and is a registered trademark of MetaCure Inc.