Who can benefit from the DIAMOND system?
The DIAMOND system is intended for treating patients with Type 2 Diabetes who are also obese. These patients are expected to benefit from the combination of significant improvement in blood glucose levels as well as weight reduction, reduction in waist circumference, and improvement in blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

What should I expect during the implantation procedure?
DIAMOND implantation is performed in a minimally invasive procedure under general anesthesia. The procedure takes approximately two hours, and patients are typically discharged in the same or next day.

How will the DIAMOND system affect my day to day life?
The DIAMOND system will allow you to maintain an active routine*. Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet is recommended to support treatment. Your doctor will prescribe a schedule of routine follow-up visits to ensure that the device is meeting your health requirements.

How long will the DIAMOND treatment last?
The DIAMOND system is intended for long-term treatment of Type 2 Diabetes. Over 200 patients have been implanted with the DIAMOND system to date, many of them for over two years, and some for over four years.

How long does the battery last?
The rechargeable battery is designed to last at least 5 years as long as proper charging is performed. Longer use may be possible, but as with other rechargeable batteries, charging time will likely become longer and frequency of charging will increase. It is recommended to recharge the battery on a weekly basis, using the wireless external charger. This will ensure shorter recharging time.

Where can I find more information about the DIAMOND system?
Please contact a clinical site closest to you. You can also download the patient booklet or you can contact us.

When does DIAMOND deliver electrical pulses? Will I be able to feel them?
The DIAMOND system automatically senses when a meal is being consumed and immediately delivers treatment for several minutes. Most patients do not feel the stimulation at all, those who do report a slight tingling sensation.

Is there insurance reimbursement for this treatment?
Yes, DIAMOND system implantation is covered in selected medical centers in Germany.

*  Contact sports or other activities that can damage your implanted system or interfere with its operation are not recommended.