Interventional Diabetology

A Less Invasive Solution for Diabetes Mellitus

A new discipline is emerging over the past few years, with a paradigm of offering a reversible, minimally invasive surgical solution which would be suitable not only for the morbidly obese population, but for lower BMI patients as well. The rise of this new paradigm called “Interventional Diabetology” is somewhat reminiscent of the emergence of “Interventional Cardiology” in the last two decades, where minimally invasive or even percutaneous procedures have largely replaced open heart surgery which was the standard of care in the 1980s.

MetaCure’s DIAMOND (TANTALUS) System is the first CE-approved implanted device for treating Type 2 Diabetes and obesity. The DIAMOND System is currently the only active device that selectively exerts its treatment at the correct physiological context – after meals, and is approved to treat diabetes for periods longer than 12 months.

The emerging treatments for Type 2 diabetes drive the acceptance of the Interventional Diabetology paradigm. These treatment options provide a real alternative to current conservative diabetes treatments. They may significantly reduce the compliance challenges that diabetes patients face and offer a solution for underserved diabetic populations.

The DIAMOND System is the first dedicated Interventional Diabetology System approved for clinical use in Europe.